Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Reading

Amos 1-5.

Tonight we go back to 1973, the last year the New York Knicks won an NBA championship. Although the 1970 team is more famous, this is my favorite team.

Because I was only in the 1st grade in 1970, I don't remember the season or playoffs as well as I do 1973. I followed the team closely for the entire season in 1973. I just had a feeling they were the best team all year long. Undoubtedly this was due to the fact Willis Reed was finally healthy again.

The footage is full of Hall of Famers, from Reed, Monroe, Frazier, DeBusschere, Lucas and Bradley on the Knicks, to Unseld and Hayes on the Bullets.

Dig the crazy '70s outfits on the Bullets. And the date. The NBA Playoffs started in late March and were done by early May back then.

Also, the style of play is much more entertaining than today's NBA. As there is more passing, the game moves more quickly and fluidly.

If I'd have known this would be the last time I'd see the Knicks win, I'd have taped all the games I could.
Of course, we didn't have a VCR, so I'd have had to use a tape recorder. But even audio would be better than nothing.

Thanks to PhillyDippy5 on YouTube for the video.

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