Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sunday Reading

Ezekiel 1-4.

I find this the most difficult book of the Bible to read. It's full of weird stuff, if I may put it that way. This being a prophetic book, that is not terribly surprising.

However, in general, I find the most difficult books to read are the wisdom literature books, not the prophetic books. Proverbs being the worst of these. There's no flow or train of thought, just line after line of words that must be thought out individually. I must really concentrate not to daydream a little.

The next hardest books would the Pentateuch, due again to the details of the genealogies and the law, although there is a flow to these books not in the books of wisdom.

I would say the prophetic books are the next hardest, followed by the gospels and epistles.

Finally, to me the easiest reads are the historical books, from Joshua to 2 Chronicles. Although the genealogies of 1 Chronicles are a little hard to read, overall they flow like a good book would.

Anyone care to agree or disagree?

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