Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Reading

Hosea 1-4.

Last night, listening to Sirius 70s station on DISH Network, I heard something I had not heard in 37 years. It was "Energy Crisis" by Dickie Goodman.

I've embedded it below, but it's basically a parody recording of a "news reporter" asking questions of various political figures of that time regarding the "energy crisis" of 1974. The "answers" given are all small portions of popular songs at the time.

I remember listening to this on the radio, both in the car and at the pool, that summer. Then it's been lost to me until last night.

It's funny that 3 of the 4 Beatles have solo songs that are featured on the recording. 1974 was a good year for all of them, I think.

Actually, Mr. Goodman had produced a similar record the summer before, entitled "Watergrate", which was the same format of question and answer, only with the Watergate scandal as the theme.

I remember one of these two years my friends and I wrote and made our own recording, in similar question and answer format, using 45s we owned and a tape recorder. That was quite fun. If only that tape still existed.

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