Sunday, October 16, 2011

NFL Picks Week 6

Last week's record of 10-3 puts me at 55-22 for the year. I am now in a tie for second place with the ESPN Experts, a game behind Hoge.

At least this week I won't have to pick between watching the Bears or the Cardinals like I did on last Monday night...oh no, wait a minute, I see the Cardinals-Brewers game has been changed to a night game now that Texas has finished off Detroit. That's nice.

The Bears looked hideous last Monday night. I mostly watched baseball, flipping back to football to check the score from time to time. What I saw when I did watch was an embarrassment. The entire offensive line including coaching is a nightmare right now.

And they've done the impossible. They've turned Jay Cutler into a sympathetic figure.

I'm sure NBC is very happy to have the Bears on their only game of the week. They'll certainly have a lot to talk about.

Six teams once again have byes this week, leaving us with only 13 games. A lot of potentially good games this week.

I'm shocked at the number of people still picking Philadelphia at this point. And I'm shocked at how bad the Rams and Colts are. At least the Colts have an excuse.

Green Bay.
New England.
New Orleans.
Jets- Monday Night.


  1. I don't know if you are a racing fan, but I am just stunned by today's tragic death of Dan Wheldon. I can't believe we just watched him win the Indy 500 in May and now he's gone. I hope everyone will keep his wife and two infant children in their prayers. It's a sad, sad day.

  2. DR!

    I saw that. It's kind of like when Dale Earnhardt died, really a shock.