Sunday, November 20, 2011

NFL Picks Week 11

Last week was the week I had been expecting all season, only at the beginning of the year. A total flame out.

I don't think any of my picks were particularly bad, but I just got on a bad losing streak. Ended up 6-10, putting me at 95-51 on the year. It was a huge shake up last week as well for the ESPN Experts. Now I'm a game in back of Allen, who I don't believe has ever been in the lead, as far as humans are concerned.

But I really didn't feel that horribly afterwards, since the Bears had put a beat down on the Lions.

The Lions remind me of the Milwaukee Brewers. They show a lot of cockiness for a team that has won absolutely nothing. It's so sweet to beat teams like that.

But I am hoping to right myself this week. I'm not off to a good start, however, as I had the Jets Thursday night.

I'm finding the Tebow thing fascinating. The NFL "Experts" are just dumbfounded by this guy. They look for ways to castigate him every week, even though he keeps on winning. That's also so sweet to watch.

This is the last bye-week of the season, four teams resting this time.

Green Bay.
San Francisco.
St. Louis.
New England- Monday Night.

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