Sunday, December 11, 2011

NFL Picks Week 14

I limped into a 10-6 record last week. For a while I thought it would be the worst week of the season but managed to pull out all but one of the late games. I am 126-66 for the year. ESPN Expert records here. I'm alone in 2nd place, still two games behind the first place human Schlereth, although the computer is now 7 games in front.

It's safe to say the Bears are out of it. I would not be surprised if they lost the rest of their games. What little remains of their offense will struggle against Denver today. It will be interesting to see if they just give up, but I doubt it.

It's funny how Houston has also been riddled with injuries but continued to win.

San Diego could still win the AFC West.

I think we're going to have a team go undefeated and another go winless in the same year.

Giants-Dallas should be a good late game. Not a lot of thrilling match-ups today otherwise.

And another dud Monday Night game.

Tampa Bay.
New England.
New Orleans.
San Francisco.
San Diego.
Green Bay.
Seattle- Monday Night.

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