Sunday, December 18, 2011

NFL Picks Week 15

Last week's 11-5 showing gave me a 137-71 record entering this week's games. And I missed out on a win last night. I knew there were Saturday games in December, but forgot about it in the end. Too bad, the Cowboys would have been an easy win.

Anyway, I'm still in contention, although now 3 games behind Schlereth and 1 behind Wickersham, in 3rd place among the ESPN Experts who are human.

The Bears surprised me last week in almost winning against the Broncos. That's how sad the season has become, I'm satisfied with the result of almost-winning. I'm just anxious for the season to end now.

It's even worse than that. I'm just happy to see the Bears put points put on the board. Which is why I can't pick them today, either, even though almost everyone else is.

Fourteen games today. At last we have good Sunday Night and Monday Night games. There are a lot of coin flip games late.

This week could be great or ugly. My rank in the final NFL Picks standings will likely be decided today.

New Orleans.
Green Bay.
New England.
San Francisco- Monday Night.

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