Sunday, January 22, 2012

NFL Conference Championship Week Picks

This is my favorite weekend of the NFL season. Usually there are good games with great teams with championships at stake. And none of the excess of what will come in 2 weeks.

Also, I'm reminded of the old NFL and AFL championships. Pre-merger. If I have one criticism of the NFL to mention today, it's that there's too much interleague play. I prefer a thicker conference boundary.

The Giants appear to be the NFL's version of the 2011 Cardinals. They got in the playoffs on the final day of the season and appear to be the hottest team left. They also have already dispatched the best team in their league in the playoffs.

For that reason I'm picking them today, against all my instincts to pick the 49ers.

And I just don't see the Patriots losing, although I'd like them to do so.

So, unfortunately, I foresee a NY-NE Super Bowl. Again.

But I'm rooting for a San Fran-Baltimore match up.

New England.
New York.

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