Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Reading And Flash Cards

Wisdom of Solomon 7-8.
1 Kings 3: 1-15.

Exercise count so far:
Push ups 600
Pull up/chin ups 160
Squats 750

I was looking around Google maps and got to thinking about state capitals.  I used to be able to name all 50 without any trouble.  I must admit I stumbled a bit and needed help on a couple of them.

It was 5th grade when we had to learn all of them.  The teacher put the states on flash cards.  Then she'd pit the students against one another. 

One student would stand behind one sitting and she'd flash a card with either the state or the capital on it.  Whoever guessed the corresponding capital or state first was the winner and moved on to the next seat over, where the process repeated itself.

I remember making it all around the room one time.  We'd usually go until we had gone through all 50 before quitting. 

I hate to say it, but there were definitely fellow students who you knew you could take a break against and could relax.  Then there were others who you knew would be competitive and might knock you off. 

I remember a particularly embarrassing moment where I had just knocked off one of the "better" kids, my chief rival, and moved on to an "easy" one.  I relaxed too much and blanked on the next card, getting my comeuppance.  I had to take my seat in stunned disbelief. 

The rest of the class found it quite humorous, as I remember.

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