Saturday, January 05, 2013

Saturday Reading And My Hatred Of Thursday Night Football

Judith 9-10.
Genesis 34:1-29.

I didn't use my blog this year for my NFL picks.  I instead used ESPN to make my picks and keep score.  It was just much easier that way.  Just point and click. 

And there was no counting. 

In life, I've noticed that given a choice between having to count and not having to count...not counting always wins out.

Anyway, just like in previous years, I found myself forgetting about Thursday Night games.  So I missed out on picking almost all of those games.

I don't get the fascination with Thursday Night football.  This year, instead of just doing Thursday Night games the last weeks of the season, the NFL decided it was a good idea to have a Thursday Night game every week.  Which meant I left a lot of potential victories on the table.

To be more precise, there were 11 weeks this year that I forgot to make a Thursday Night pick.

That being said, I still ended up winning 159 games.  Last year I won 168 games.  I might have come close had I paid more attention.  Or if ESPN would have texted me to make a pick.  I'll blame it on them.

Despite all that, I still ended up at the 86th percentile.

Unlike last year, I didn't do very well this year against the ESPN Experts.

The thing I don't like about the ESPN method of picking is that it ends at Week 17.  So I'll have to do my playoff picks here.

That's okay.  I need counting practice.

Green Bay.

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