Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Reading And The CFL Bears

Wisdom Of Solomon 17-18.
Exodus 11: 1-10.

Isn't it exciting how the Bears fired Lovie Smith and replaced him with a head coach from the Canadian Football League?  This was the plan?

Oh, that's right, they had no plan to begin with.  Other than being upset about finishing 10-6.  That was their plan.

What a Cubs-like move this was.  A guy who hasn't coached in the NFL in 5 years, because he couldn't previously get a head coaching gig so he went to the CFL, is taking the reins of the Bears?

I hear Bud Grant was also on the Bears radar.  Rumor has it that the Bears are now petitioning the NFL to get Hamilton on their schedule for next fall.

He should work out great, as long as he gets to line up 12 men on his side.  Of course, the Bears will most likely lead the league in 3rd down punts next year.

At least it was the CFL, and not the International Hockey League, that the Bears pulled their coach from.  But give them a little time.  Their next coaching hire won't be too far down the line.


  1. I have to admit to not being sorry to see Lovie Smith go, once he outed himself as being a racist. Since I am a Browns fan, I also relate to weird head coach picks.

  2. Barb!

    Not sure what you mean by that.

  3. Are we talking about the Lovie Smith thing? Any time a man votes for someone because of the melanin content of his skin, that's racist to me.

    The Browns head coach thing, well, we've made some picks that made fans shake their heads. Heck, look at our quarterback this year. Not exactly a textbook pick.