Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thursday Reading, Friday Reading And Cardinals Broadcasters

Baruch 1:15-3:8 and 3:9- 4:29.
Jeremiah 3: 11-18 and Proverbs 8:1-11.

I'm not a fan of the rotating broadcast teams on Fox Sports Midwest.  Dan and Al?  Dan and Rick?  Rick and Al?  You never know who you're going to get any given series, or even night.

I don't get it, but it looks like FSMW likes it that way.  So much so that someone has floated the idea of a few 3 man booths.

And having Joe Buck as a sideline reporter from time to time.

Gee, all of that won't distract from the games at all.

Not that I don't like Joe Buck, but he will dominate the broadcast whether he is in the booth or not.  And if you want him on the broadcast, why not let him do what he does best and announce the game?

I miss the familiarity of knowing what voices I'd hear announcing.  And because of the delays, you can no longer watch the game with the sound turned down and listen to the radio.  Looks like I'm stuck not knowing what's going on.

Just like I am with the world we live in nowadays.

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