Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wednesday Reading And Pumping Gas

Ecclesiasticus 38-39.
Mark 12: 28-40.

When I pulled into the gas station, I thought I'd do as I usually do, which is to pull out my gas card, insert it, tank up and go.

So when I couldn't find my gas card, I must admit my heart started to pump a little faster, as I thought it was lost.  Or stolen.

Happily, I had placed it in a different place than usual and found it quickly.  But as I pumped the gas, I realized the reason why I was upset.

I had been upset, not because of the thought someone else might be in possession of my card and running up a bill.  That thought, while it crossed my mind, paled in comparison to my real fear.

Which was having to go home and confess my card was lost.  That just seems odd to me.

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