Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekend Reading And The LCMS Kerfuffle

Ecclesiasticus 30-33.
Proverbs 23: 29-35.
Romans 9: 19-24.

"Deflector shields full power!"

How many times does this scenario have to play out?  Look at the damage one individual's bad decision can make.

One of the reasons, although there were more, that our congregation left the LCMS was the weak response over the previous president's/leadership's response to the Yankee Stadium 9/11 event.

Nothing really ever got settled in that debacle.  So now it plays out again.

This time it appears the current LCMS President, Matthew Harrison, a confessional guy unlike his predecessor, got it right.  Only he, and anyone else in the LCMS for that matter, is going to take a beating for it.

Now is one of those times that demands a stand be made, regardless of the consequences.  Show your support for President Harrison on this one.

And the Brothers.

Some of the comments those of the world are making are truly eye-opening.  Expect there to be more.  Comedy Central and the Huffington Post have also latched on to this.

If they get this upset over a little thing like not wanting to worship with those of other faiths, just wait until they realize we believe those of those other faiths are going to go to hell without the Way, and the Truth and the Life.

Just wait. 

John 16:2?

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