Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Reading And Whip Willis

Old Greek Esther 4: 1-17, 13: 8-18, 14: 1-19.

Jack Buck graduated from The Ohio State University in December 1949.  While in Columbus, he met a young comedian named Jonathan Winters, who he worked with briefly at a local TV station.

Years later, Winters visited Buck in the booth at Dodger Stadium during a Cardinals-Dodgers game.  It had to be either 1976 or 1977, because Don Kessinger was playing for the Cardinals, as noted on what follows.

Winters appeared in character that night, playing the role of "former big-leaguer" Whip Willis.  What followed was a legendary event in Cardinals broadcast lore. 

Its only known rival would have to be the pregame interview Mr. Buck did with pitching coach Barney Schultz a few years earlier, while the latter was supposedly on cold medicine. To my knowledge that interview has yet to sneak its way onto the internet.

And until recently, Whip Willis hadn't found his way on either.  But now he has.  Sit back and have a listen.  It gets zanier the more you listen to it.

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