Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Reading And More 1987

Old Greek Esther 11: 2-12, 12: 1-6, 1: 1-22.

Stuff from 1987 NLCS and season highlight video.

Pitcher Greg Matthews gives the Cardinals some breathing room in game 1.

Who can forget Jeffrey Leonard's derogatory comments about St. Louis prior to the series?  It always makes a series more intense when there is true hatred between the teams.  This series took the cake for that.  This is from game 6, and by then Leonard was public enemy #1.  He remained unrepentant flapping his gums, even after this bitter loss.  Watch him desperately try to get in another dig at St. Louis at the end of his interview with Marv Albert.  Didn't work.  He watched the World Series from home.

Here's the Game 7 intro on NBC someone posted on YouTube.  Vin Scully seemed old then.  He's still going!

Finally from 1987, here's a portion of the video "That's A Winner", narrated by Jack Buck.  Go here for the links to all 5 portions of this video, a retrospective of this great season.  The immortal seat cushion night is included on section 1.

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