Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Reading And Pat Summerall

2 Esdras 15.

Interesting discussion on local radio after Pat Summerall's death this week.  Whose voice is the soundtrack of your life?

Summerall and Madden are definitely football.  Although some argued Cosell and Meredith.

Buck and Shannon are Cardinal baseball.  Although Harry Carey got some votes.

Basketball for me is Marv Albert.  College football definitely Keith Jackson.  College basketball Enberg, McGuire and Packer.

Golf is also Summerall.  And tennis.  So I guess that means Summerall had the most impact, over all other announcers, in my lifetime.

But the biggest reason he is the greatest is what follows. 

He was the voice of Cartoon Network's "The Big Game".  And in life, even when all other things are equal, being the voice of The Big Game always trumps not being the voice of The Big Game.

His unmistakable voice hits the mark at 3:09.

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