Thursday, April 04, 2013

Thursday Reading And Roger Ebert

2 Esdras 1.

I've been following Roger Ebert's blog the past few years.  I've been following his career for the last 35, give or take, dating back to the original "Sneak Previews".  So his death today bothers me.

He grew up down the road from me in Urbana and was a proud graduate of the University there.

His was probably my favorite blog.  There was always something interesting, even though I didn't often agree with his politics, and definitely did not agree with his views on evolution or theology.

He had a way of putting thoughts on "paper" that reigned supreme above all others.  I consider him the greatest writer of my time.  My favorite posts on his blog were those on his remembrances of life growing up in central Illinois.  The best one, about "Steak 'n Shake" restaurants, is a must read.

Then there were the posts about his devastating illnesses and, pardon my saying, the flaws in his appearance the past few years.  He never seemed embarrassed or ashamed, and seemed to even keep a sense of humor about them.  I'm sure it helped a lot of people.

In my high school years, Ebert was known as "the fat one" on his and Gene Siskel's "Sneak Previews".  I know that's a less than kind way of referring to someone.  But we weren't right, anyway.

That he was a proudly agnostic evolutionist is undeniable.  My hope is that he rediscovered his Catholic faith before he died.  A recent post about this made me wonder if something was up with him.  Today's news of his death confirmed that there was.

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