Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Reading And...

4 Maccabees 2.

Does anyone not in the media care about this Jason Collins thing?  I really don't want to know what these people are doing off the field, regardless of the side of the street they're walking on.

Is this going to be the new stat announcers will let fly during the game? 

"Coming in to pitch now for the Cardinals is Joe Schmo, a hard-throwing left handed gay guy"?  Or "entering the game for the Knicks is Kilroy, a heterosexual shooting guard"?  Does that info really matter?

Will it be a stat at the bottom of the TV screen when a hitter comes up?  Average, HR, RBI, orientation?  Will they put it on the back of bubble gum cards?

Why not also report how many partners they've had, if this info is really relevant to sports.

Enough already.

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