Sunday, April 07, 2013

Weekend Reading And Google Alternatives

2 Esdras 3-4.

I've been using iGoogle for several years.  Also Google Reader.  Both are being phased out this year.  So I'd like to know what to use to keep feeding me my favorite blogs and what to use as a home page.

In the past I have used Yahoo as a home page.  It was alright but not the greatest.  I might try it again.  I've also used Bloglines, but got away from that to use Google Reader.  I've thought of going back to it.

Anyone with any ideas, please let me know.


  1. I haven't really been using iGoogle in a long time, so I haven't been looking for a replacement.

    For gReader, I've found several that don't quite meet my needs/tastes. - Very limited without paying. Having tried much. - Requires browser plug-in. I dislike that. - Looks very promising. Would need to setup new server to run it though. - This one looks promising.

  2. Gino!


    So it sounds like the last 2 are best. Can you import your Google Reader links or do you have to start over?