Saturday, May 04, 2013

Thursday And Friday Reading And Mini-Moos

4 Maccabees 4 and 5.

What is the deal with the Mini-Moos?  Those small circular packets of half&half from Land O' Lakes.

I defy someone to open one without spillage.  Drops of white liquid either squirt all over when you open one, or you get a little dribble on your fingers.

And why does that white liquid look like Liquid Paper?

Don't you think they could engineer these little things a little better?  How much pressure do they put these things under that they are compelled to explode when you release the top?

The producers must have contests to see how much pressure they can apply to one without the whole package exploding prior to use.

Maybe it's the the little plastic nib thing hanging off the cylinder where you peel back the foil.  Maybe it upsets the symmetry/balance of the container.

I've tried ripping them off quickly, or doing the slow peel, as if I'm sneaking up on it, trying not to awaken it.  But it never fails that some of it gets out.

So I've got advice for all budding scientists out there.  Forget developing alternative fuels or hybrid vehicles.  Forget the miracle drugs and cures.  Because as long as you can't even put together a non-exploding package of cream and milk, you ain't gonna make those other things, either.

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