Sunday, January 05, 2014

Sunday Reading And NFL Picking

Genesis 5.

Today I'm picking Cincinnati and Green Bay.  I hope the Super Bowl has weather like today.

This season was the second straight in which I did my NFL picks on ESPN website's Pigskin Pick 'Em.

I did okay, finishing at the 80th percentile.  I ended up with 153 wins, out of 256 games for the season.  Considering it was my only entry (some people do multiple entries), I did pretty good.

I would have done even better, but I forgot to pick one week.  Check out my week 7.  I missed picking the Thursday Night as well as all the early games on Sunday.  A total of 9 games that week alone.

All of the ESPN Experts did better than me this year, partially due to my absentmindedness.  It was definitely an off year for me.  See January 1 post.  But check out Jaws' record.  Incredible.

Yesterday I was 1-1.  I'm always a bad playoff picker.  Doesn't bode well today for Bengals and Packers fans.

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