Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Reading And Big Puma

Genesis 30.

As Tony K. would say, "Happy Trails to Lance Berkman."

He was the best player on the Astros back when they were the Cardinals' chief rivals.  Hardly seems possible these days.

That was the only rivalry in my lifetime in which I actually liked the other team.  And part of the reason was I liked Berkman, a goofy Elvis doppelganger.

I was thrilled when he came to the Cardinals in 2011.  Without him the Cardinals would not have won anything that year.

Game 6 10th inning, Albert Pujols was walked to get to him.  Understandable.  But Berkman was always a clutch guy.

I was upset when they let him go last year.  This time the send off is forever.  Happy Trails.

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