Saturday, January 18, 2014

Weekend Reading And Conference Championships

Genesis 18 and 19.

I can't believe the number of doubters of Peyton Manning.  In my opinion he is the best quarterback in the past generation.

He's already won a Super Bowl.  And yet to hear the pundits, that is not enough.  To them he is a disappointment.

Even if he'd won another one, there would still be doubters, those who would say that he's only won as many as his brother.  And still less than Tom Brady.

So they deny what they see with their own eyes.  That no one can move a team down the field like Manning.  Which is what the quarterback is supposed to do.

Winning has to do with a team, not an individual.  Those who think it is on the quarterback's shoulders whether a team wins or loses totally disregards defense.

And coaching.  Does anyone think Manning would have only 1 Super Bowl if he played for New England?  Doubtful. 

This may sound ridiculous.  But...switch the teams of Manning and Brady, and my feeling is only one of those has a Super Bowl ring.

Which tempts me to pick New England.  But in the end I'm picking Denver.

In the other game, I'll enjoy watching two teams try to destroy each other physically.  Should be a fun game to watch.

I prefer Pete Carroll's style to Jim Harbaugh's, even as a Bears fan.  That said, I just think San Francisco is a better team.  49ers in this one.

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