Saturday, January 25, 2014

Weekend Reading And LaRussa's Plaque

Genesis 25 and 26.

I've never written a post about a dude's hat before. 

And not even a hat.  A rendering of a hat on a plaque.

There are actually people on the planet who are bent about Tony LaRussa's decision to wear a logo-less hat on his Hall Of Fame Plaque.

I admit I was never his biggest fan, but I'm glad he's doing his own thing.  It's his honor, not anybody else's.  He wants all his teams to have a part in his induction, because they all played a part in his history.

Greg Maddux is doing the same thing.

So get a life, losers!

And, years from now, when history remembers the steroid era and debates his role in it, he won't have an STL on his plaque cap.  So there is that.

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