Saturday, February 15, 2014

Friday And Saturday Reading And Winter's Saturdays

Genesis 45 and 46.

Now that it is Spring, and we are experiencing this unusual Spring time snow, I was unable to get out and work in the garden this weekend.

Which is okay, because it gave me another Saturday to stay indoors and watch TV. 

As I previously posted, I'm watching more and enjoying more PBS programming, and most of my PBS watching happens on Saturdays.

I usually like to start off with Mid-American Gardener, although sometimes I'll catch a little P. Allen Smith before that.  Then comes Victory Garden.

I'm no chef, but I really enjoy America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country, which comes on next where I live.  It is so much more simple and down to earth than the Food Network stuff.

Later on come the home shows, Home Time and This Old House Hour.

I can sometimes catch Simply Ming or Bob Ross.

By evening there's Rick Steves and Antiques Roadshow.  Then finishing off the day with some Brit comedies and then Red Green.

I won't even go into Curious George and The Cat in the Hat during the weekday mornings. And Thomas.  All of that's fodder for another post altogether.

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