Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tuesday And Wednesday Reading And The Olympics

Genesis 49 and 50.

I like to get up early, so I've really enjoyed waking up and having the Olympics to turn on the past 2 weeks.  It works best when they are half a world away. 

Next week I'll have to return to the early morning wasteland of infomercials.  The only exception being MLB Network.


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  2. We've given up cable and satellite because it's an expensive wasteland. We have Roku and we watch programming featured with that. We also subscribe to Amazon, Netflix and The Blaze, which gives us the ability to control what we see and still saves money. Plus we were unhappy that Direct TV chose to broadcast Al Jazeera yet refused to carry The Blaze. Probably wouldn't work for you because of the sports, but we really like it.

  3. Somebody's Mom!

    I've not heard of a lot of the channels on it.

    Sounds interesting, but what about local channels?

  4. You can't watch local news channels on Roku if that's what you're asking. But there are ways to watch a lot of programs by finding links to live streams on the internet. Sometimes you have to be a little creative but you'd be surprised at how much programming you can see without being a slave to cable and satellite costs.

  5. Somebody's Mom!

    Yes that was what I was asking. Sorry if my question was unclear, but English is my third language.

    I think I will eventually make a break from cable/satellite, as long as there's PBS and HGTV/DIY I can access. And Turtleman.

    The sports thing is not as big a deal, as baseball can be found on MLB.TV.