Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Monday And Tuesday Reading And The Funnies

Exodus 12 and 13.

I was reading an old newspaper article about an old NFL bowl game in the 1960s when I saw a couple of comics on that page.  One was Priscilla's Pop and the other was Out Our Way. 

I had not had a thought about either one in years, probably decades, but remembering them did lead me to Google both, and lead me to an interesting website about comic strips.

Just going to the website and seeing the strips listed there joggled my memory about some others.

There is Captain EasyAlley OopApartment 3G (I think it must have been a chick strip, I never read it but remember it taking up useful space in the local paper's funny page).  Gil Thorp (was in the Chicago Tribune I read in high school, I don't think it ever ran locally).  Our Boarding HouseNancy (never liked it but for some reason always read it).

The whole thing makes me wonder how many other things are stored in bins up in my mind that I will never access again unless I'm reminded somehow of them.

These things are the "Apartment 3Gs" of my brain, just sitting there taking up space right now.  Hoping they will be useful again some day.

So somebody say or write something clever to make me remember, huh?


  1. I just don't know where to begin....

    Magilla Gorilla, Lost in Space, Peabody and Sherman in the Wayback Machine, Get Smart and the shoe phone, The Lazarus Theory, Robot Chicken, Fruit Loops,Skittles, The Soup Nazi, Four Sticks,MST3K, wishing you were an Oscar Mayer weiner, squeezing the Charmin, the clapper, the ginsu knife, Silly Putty, Bazooka Joe, Milk Duds, let go of my Eggo, Solid Gold Dancers, George of the Jungle, Larry and the two Darryls, walking like an Egyptian, banging a gong, wearing sunglasses at night, Baskin Robbins 33 flavors.....I could do this indefinitely, LOL....

  2. Somebody's Mom!

    That was one long sentence. Magilla was the Nancy of cartoons. And I thought BR was 31.

  3. Yes I admit that was a rather long sentence, I am prone to rambling at times. And you are right about the 31 flavors, the 33 must have been wishful thinking on my part. I do think you are being too hard on Magilla though. What's your position on Pogo? For me, Pogo was my Nancy.

  4. Somebody's Mom!

    I have never heard of Pogo, but I have heard of pogo.