Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend Reading And Set Up To Fail

Exodus 38 and 39.

We're just hours before launch of a new baseball season.  And I'm ready for a regression in results this year. 

A lot of pundits consider the Cardinals to be superhuman and unstoppable.  Just like the Natinals were last year, who wound up sitting at home in October.

They forget that until the last week of the season the Central Division was up for grabs. 

They forget the Cardinals got hot at the right time of year in 2013.

They forget that until last year the Cardinals had not won this division since 2009, relying on the wild card to get in the post-season.

They forget the Cardinals scored so many runs due to a once in a generation ability to score with 2 outs.  That won't happen this year.

They forget the Cardinals have in effect replaced David Freese with Kolten Wong.

They forget the team didn't hit many home runs last year and did nothing in the offseason to improve that.

The pitching, while good, will not be as good as last year, as the rest of the league starts to figure out these young pitchers.  Who will then have to adjust.

So my prediction is they won't win 97 games again this year.  I don't even think they will win their division.  I didn't think they would last year, and I really don't this year.

But I'll be happy with a wild card again.  And if that doesn't happen, only then will it will be a disappointing year for me. 

I'm betting for everyone else they will end up calling such a finish a near disaster.


  1. The Indians scored quite a bit with two outs last year as well. Are you saying they won't be able to do that this year. Drat.

  2. Barb!

    Yes. But I still think you'll do okay.