Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Reading And Playing The GM

Deuteronomy 8-10.

This was a fun exercise at Viva El Birdos.  I remember 8-10 years ago, the whole internet was full of fun things like this to do.  It seems not so much now.

Of course, it was also full of all kinds of bloggers back then.  For most it was just a fad.  Only us die-hards remain.  I always kind of wanted to keep a journal, and this is the closest thing I've ever done to doing that.

At any rate, the idea was to create one Cardinals line-up for all-time.  The rub was you had a salary cap.  Each player was assigned a dollar amount it would cost to have him, and you could not exceed that limit.

Here's what you had to work with, with a $27 limit:

My starting 9:
P Gibson $5
C McCarver $3
1st Hernandez $1
2nd Schoendienst $3
SS Renteria $2
3rd Pendleton $1
LF Coleman $1
CF Edmonds $5
RF Musial $6

Had to have Musial.  Hernandez was such a bargain, I couldn't pass that one up.  So I left Albert off for that reason.

Edmonds was over-priced, so I almost took Willie McGee.  I decided on Edmonds over Brock only for defense and power.  Since I needed some speed I took Coleman instead, and he wasn't pricey.

Had to have Gibson to pitch.  That left only $9 for four other positions.  Pendleton was too big of bargain to pass up also.  That left me with McCarver, Schoendienst and Renteria with the other $8.

I could have spent another few hours coming up with other iterations.  I still might if I get bored.

So my lineup would be:

Of course, I could take Yadi if I downgraded to Herr and McGee.  Hmmm...

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