Thursday, September 04, 2014

Thursday Reading And My Predicition

1 Samuel 14.

NFL starts tonight.  Green Bay at Seattle.  And I have a prediction.

Not about the game itself yet.  That will come later and is really not that hard.

My prediction is in regards to the media coverage.  More specifically about the media-generated story lines you will hear about, especially on TV.

You'll hear multiple non-football related storylines, over and over and over.

About CB Richard Sherman's Super Bowl rant.

About Michael Sam.

About the Redskins name.

About the crowd noise, including decibel level at the semi-indoor stadium.

Just stuff that has nothing to do with this here game being played.

So feel free to yell "Scottius Is Right" at the screen each time you hear any of the above tonight during the game.

Which of course Seattle will win.

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