Thursday, February 08, 2018

Wedneday and Thursday Reading

Leviticus 19-25
Mark 10-11.

Pitchers and catchers report in 5 days!  What a quick winter it was!

I am shocked at the inactivity though.  I thought this would be the offseason where there would be a lot of moves by the front office. 

You can't go 2 years in a row missing the playoffs without some change.  However, this St. Louis front office has never been known for that, but more of a slow and plodding marathon approach.

They've made one big move for Marcell Ozuna, a good one in my opinion, but the rest of the moves are smallish.  Kind of a "meh" type of winter activity.

Which, paradoxically, this year, is a risky move.  Being conservative this winter is taking a big gamble.  It would have been much less risky to make some big ol' moves.

Because Mozeliak and Matheny will be gone if their cautious plan does not produce this year.  Fans are getting a little restless.

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