Sunday, February 04, 2018

Weekend Reading and Super Bowl

Leviticus 7-12.
Mark 6-7.

Since I've come this far in my NFL picks, I may as well end it here today.  Of course I'm picking the Patriots, but you already knew that from recent weeks.

Not that my playoff and Super Bowl picks have always been great.  Fact is, I am spectacularly bad at the Super Bowl, either making picks and rooting.

Even my most spectacular pick, now 10 years ago, was done more with a contrarian bent than with any real knowledge or conviction about the upset that would be occurring that day.

I really don't have a rooting interest today, which might be the first time I have not had one.  But since I can't be on the fence here, if I must pick one of the two, I'm going to go with the Pats.

But only to be contrarian again.  Given that polls show the Eagles are favored over the Patriots by over 2:1 when fans are asked who they want to see win.

It's just who I am I guess.

So New England on both accounts.

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