Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Signs of the Apocalypse

This was always one of my favorite bits in Sports Illustrated. America is clearly in decline. Why does everyone think if they have talent in one area, they have equal talent in other areas? Life ain't that simple:

Sharon Stone thinks she is a minister.
Arnold thinks he is a governor.
Gopher thought he was a congressman.
Sonny Bono thought he was a congressman. (Even worse his widow thinks she is one, I guess because Sonny thought he was one).
John McEnroe thinks he is a talk show host.
Jesse Ventura thought he was a governor.
Garth Brooks thinks he is a baseball player.
Prince thought he was a symbol.
Michael Jordan thought he was a baseball player.
Rush Limbaugh thought he was a football analyst.
Al Franken thinks he is a talk radio genius.
Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone thought they were "wrasslers".

Carl Lewis thought he was a singer.
Too Tall Jones and others thought they were boxers.
Magic Johnson thought he was a talk show host. (Chevy Chase also).
Howard Dean thought he was sane enough to be president (Algore also).
George Costanza thought he was an architect.
Ozzy Osbourne thought he was a baseball fan.

Ooops, almost forgot, Scottius Maximus thinks he is a primate blogger.

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