Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Favorite Christmas Gift

Mine was the 8 minute DVD- "The St. Louis Cardinals- 2004 World Series Highlights." Watching it, you get to relive the excitement that only this world series brought to us Cardinals fans. Like, for instance...errrr...eh...well...well, like, for instance:

1) Seeing the whole Cardinals team sing "99 bottles of beer" riding the bus in to Fenway Park from their hotel in Delaware for Game 1.
2) Seeing Larry Walker, Julian Tavarez, and Reggie Sanders try to catch snowflakes on their tongues before Game 2.
3) Seeing Steve Kline reading "Frank and Ernest" in the Boston Globe prior to Game 2.
4) Seeing Mike Matheny trying to explain the concept of how a home radon detector works to a bewildered So Taguchi during the seventh inning stretch of Game 1.
5) Seeing the whole team involved in a three hour Busch Stadium exorcism before Game 4. Guess it didn't work. But seeing Jeff Suppan covered in crisco and coconut oil while wearing a grass skirt and those goofy champagne goggles, all the while dancing around in the locker room yelling "RED MEANS GO GO GO GO, NOT NO NO NO", was priceless.
6) Seeing Albert Pujols and Jim Edmonds debate who is the best "Sponge Bob" character after the Game 2 loss. Pujols likes Patrick, but Edmonds appreciates Sandy's athleticism.
7) Seeing the team surrounding and confronting Ttocs Nelor* after Game 4, when Mitchell Paige realizes Scott Rolen was captured and was being held in Bizarro World until the end of the Series. Mitch: "What have you done with Rolen?" Nelor: "Me am Rolen, me not know what you mean." Shortly after this Nelor was held down and blows and kicks started to rain in on him from every Cardinal player.
8) The video mysteriously ends at that point. But through this whole scene, I swear I heard the weepy voice of Tony LaRussa uttering the mysterious code phrase: "Five and twelve? One for four? Not Hall worthy, not a Whitey." Whatever could he have meant?

Ahhhhh. The 2004 World Series. All the exciting St. Louis highlights preserved for posterity. I'll probably play this DVD over and over. May my memories never fade of this fall classic.

*Ttocs Nelor- Arch enemy evil twin of Scott Rolen from Bizarro World, where hitters measure success in strikeouts and OBS (off-base percentage), and pitchers measure success in home runs allowed (see Ttam Sirrom in archives 12/8/04).

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