Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Murder Is Not Good For Your Life Expectancy

Scott Peterson will never die at the hands of the state, although someone on the inside may perform the deed for California. I have nothing against the concept of the death penalty, but I do have misgivings about the way it is handed out (race and income definitely play a role, and too many innocent people have been sentenced to death). But when there is no question of guilt, and the sentence comes down "death", then it should be carried out regardless of how good a man's lawyer is, or how deep his pockets are, or what color he is.

In this country, there are too many loopholes for the death penalty, and this is the reason, I believe, for the unfairness and controversy around it. If someone did it, and we know they did it, then they ought to be done. That's it. The game is over. I'm thinking of monsters like that Polly Klaas killer. And the person should not even be allowed to know when it's coming. I think it was John Gibson who espoused this idea. Plant an explosive device inside the convicted person, which will go off at a set time that the guilty does not know. He'll walk around the rest of his life wondering if the next breath will be his last.

But, alas, Scott is rich, white, and has supposedly good lawyers. Plus, he lives in California. I don't believe he has much to worry about in regards to this death sentence.

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