Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Answer- Tort Reform

The question- what is Scotticus Pippenicus? Or, let the lawyer beware. I'm interested to know how many of these types of cases are filed each year in proportion to the number of lawyers there are in this country. I mean, we all know (wink) that the trial lawyers are defenders of the down trodden and protectors against evil corporations, hospitals, doctors, employers, and drivers. So, since we need protection against these devils, who is protecting us from the lawyers? I'm sure it is not them. Seriously, does anyone know the ratio of cases claiming legal malpractice to the number of lawyers in the US? I would be willing to wager this number is much less than the same ratio in any other profession or business. So I guess only lawyers are perfect, don't make mistakes worthy of lawsuits, and are of course the only professionals we can trust. (I hope no one is reading this and taking that previous statement without all the intended sarcasm).

So, tonight, drink a beer and toast Scottie Pippen. And may others be so bold as to sue their lawyers this year.

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