Saturday, February 12, 2005

Here's A List I'd Like To Stay Off

The 50 most influential Christians 2005. I mean, I like Billy G. and Olasky (and a couple others), but if you are truly known by the company you keep, then I'd respectfully decline being on this.

Who decided this garbage anyway? Didn't our Lord tell us not to concern ourselves with this kind of worldly stuff? Did he not get after the disciples for having these sorts of debates among themselves? I'm sure he did. Why is it that preaching the law and gospel in truth and distributing the sacraments rightly are not mentioned as accomplishments for any of these people?

Jesse Jackson? Benny Hinn? Bill Hybels? BARACK OBAMA? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? With some of the jokers on here, why not put on Kobe Bryant, Britney Spears, or Amy Grant? They also claim Christianity, and would fit in well. They are rich, worldly-successful people, just like the others.

This makes me want to...SCREAM!

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