Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The King James Word Of The Year

A word I love and never hear any more is behold. I associate this word with the King James Version of the Bible. That's probably because the NIV only has 6 passages with behold in the entire translation, while there are 113 beholds in Genesis alone in the KJV. So, what has happened to its usage? I am going to start using it this year.

For instance:
Behold, a new post.
Behold, these pretzels shall make you thirsty.
Behold, the Cubs have lost again.
Behold, Matt Morris has given up another home run.
Behold, Kiihnworld is a good, Christian blog.

Behold is such a grand word. It really adds emphasis (and a little class) to what a person says. So, let's start using it again. But leave off the "lo and", please.

Behold, behold is going to make a comeback in 2005.


  1. Thanks for the compliment! I see that you are a baseball fan (how perceptive of me). My hubby is a baseball expert, imho, and I keep trying to get him to start a baseball blog. Of course, it would feature the Minnesota Twins, seeing as Kiihnworld is a Minnesota place. Any suggestions for good baseball blogs as examples, other than yours of course?

  2. Any of the Cardinals links on the right sidebar of this blog are good. The best baseball blog I have ever read was Redbird Nation (, but Brian Gunn, the blogger, quit after the World Series. The site is still up, however, so have him visit there first. There are plenty of ideas for baseball blogging there and plenty of links to other baseball blogs to keep him busy for weeks. I don't know of any Minnesota Twins blogs off the top of my head, so maybe he could be the pioneer in his field.