Thursday, February 17, 2005

My first reaction with this post was that this is hilarious. Mr. T? Clubber Lange? But then I thought, don't knock it till you have seen what he preaches. I mean, maybe he preaches the real gospel, not some other gospel, like you so often hear on TBN. That would actually be kind of cool. Don't mess with us. Mr. T. has our back.

And what about the whole TBN thing? What a money maker that outfit is. I admit it, I have watched that network a lot in the past. It is entertaining. Before I had cable, it was one of the few things I could get on TV. My reaction to it ping-ponged from hilarity to fright to sadness, usually coming to rest as a blend of the three. And then there's that chick with the pink wig. My son nick-named her furball. I can't believe I let him watch this, but God was gracious enough to let him discern that most of the preaching is of the "prosperity" kind. I am so thankful for our Lutheran Church.

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