Thursday, March 31, 2005

"Hacksaw" Pulsipher?

I've been bothered all spring training by this guy at the Cardinals camp, who claims to be "Bill Pulsipher". I finally figured out who he really is- "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, wrestling legend. Just look at the resemblance:

I hope "Hacksaw" makes the team. Besides being a good comeback story and a lefty bullpen option, the Cardinals are a lock to win any MLB "Summer Slam", should one ever occur.

I propose MLB Summer Slam should be part of the All-Star Break, maybe right after the home run derby. Think about it. Barry Bonds in the ring slamming Turk Wendell across the back with a folding chair. Mike Piazza throwing talc in Roger Clemens eyes. A-Rod getting pummeled by a group of Red Sox while the ref's back is turned. Mark Prior taking one off the head from Steve Kline. McGwire v. Canseco.

Now that's some quality summer entertainment.

UPDATE 1:30 p.m.- PULSIPHER MAKES THE TEAM! Read about it here.

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  1. Hacksaw Jim Duggan is the MAN. Pulsipher, then, becomes my favorite Cardinals player, just by association.