Friday, April 29, 2005

Sure Signs Of Spring

I don't look for tulips or robins, dogwoods, or even tornadoes. I look for this:

Yep, you know it's spring the first time you see a Tom Emanski baseball commercial. I saw my first one this season yesterday. I'm hoping I'll get to see the one with Fred McGriff and that goofy flat-billed teal cap soon.

These commercials creep me out. Did you ever notice how everyone looks the same and has the exact same mechanics? That scene above where the fielders are all lined up and go through the steps of the "major league throw", all in unison, is frightening. They look like "Stepford" little-leaguers. I think there is a similar scene with batters hitting balls off of tees. There is no individuality or expression. It's like "robot baseball." It's militaristic. I think the director of these videos also directed the "The Boys From Brazil."

My question before buying these videos would be this- how many major leaguers have been produced from the Emanski methods? It's been around long enough, there ought to be some data on this. And why is it that I can think of no one in the majors off the top of my head that perfectly fits the Emanski model? It's because people are different, and whatever technique, stance, swing, wind-up, or delivery that works for one won't work for another. Using your brain to evaluate, treat, or problem solve a person's personal swing or delivery is what works. It's called coaching.

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