Friday, May 20, 2005

2005 Cardinals Nicknames

Ladies and Gentleman.
Your 2005 St. Louis Cardinals and their nicknames (to make the list you must have had some playing time this year, or played a significant role in a past season).


David Eckstein- "Albert Eckstein", "Hoppity Hooper".
Larry Walker- "Uncle Larry", , "Charming and Delightful Ol' Uncle Lar'", "Hello, Larry".
Albert Pujols- "Phat Albert", "Prince Albert" (actually "King Albert" or just "The King" is more appropriate now). "El Conquistador". But I think "Race", after Jonny Quest's ultimate bad-ass Race Bannon, could become popular.
Scott Rolen- "Rawhide" (Perhaps I should explain this one. Rawhide fits for these reasons- his glove work, his hitting, and the fact the theme from Rawhide begins "rollin', rollin', rollin'.)
Jim Edmonds- "Jimmy" as Mike Shannon calls him, or "Jedmonds", "Jed", or "Legolas" as I like to call him.
Reggie Sanders- "Reg", "Sandman".
Mark Grudzialanek- "Grudzilla", "The Bee" (as in- his name could be in a spelling bee).
Yadier Molina- "Yoda", "Yads".
Mark Mulder- "Plain M&M" (as opposed to the peaNUT variety below), "Fox".
Chris Carpenter- "The Tool Man".
Jason Marquis- "Grand".
Jeff Suppan- "Wrong Way" (still almost too painful to say even after 7 months), "Soup", "Soupy", "Campbell's".
Matt Morris- "Peanut M&M", "Gimli", "Moon Man Morris", "The Joker", "Space Cowboy", "Blackbeard".
Hector Luna- "Moon-a", "Eclipse".
John Mabry- "RFD", "Carolina".
So Taguchi- "Gooch", "Tags".
Abraham Nunez- "Honest Abe", "Lincoln", "The Patriarch".
Bill Pulsipher- "Hacksaw".
Ray King- "Burger".
Jason Isringhausen- "Izzy", "Iz-man", "Wizard of Iz".
Carmen Cali- "Corn", "Gas-can", "Blowtorch".
Julian Tavarez- "Freddy", "The Hook".
Cal Eldred- "El Dorado" (one of my favorite John Wayne pictures).
Randy Flores- "Floss" (like dental floss- can be unpleasant but can get the job done), "Trojan".
Mike Lincoln- "The Ghost", "Phantom", "Abe", "DL".
Al Reyes- "The Hydrant", "Rolaids Relief".
Brad Thompson- "Goose Egg" (for his propensity to post zeroes on opponents).
Gabe White- "Kotter", "Kaplan".
Einar Diaz- "Defense Department".
Scott Seabol- "Sea Gull".
Roger Cedeno- "Little Caesar" (after Cardinal one season legend Cesar Cedeno).
Cody McKay- "Knuckles", "Lights Out" (after his scoreless 2 innings pitched in April 2004).
Bo Hart- "Not Jackson", "Lion".

And of course, as always, also starring Mike Shannon as "Mikey", "Uncle Mikey", or "The Moon Man".

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