Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Random Thoughts On A Beautiful Spring Day

1- What ever happened to Susie Chapstick?
2- Can you play the drinking game "quarters" with coffee?
3- What if baseball field dimensions were all the same at every stadium, but football field dimensions were different from stadium to stadium?
4- How come we know we can eat some mushrooms and not others? Who were the mushroom pioneers, and why don't we honor them? The same goes for any food. Someone had to be the first to try it out. And I'm sure some did not make it.
5- Who's the best late 70s/early 80s Canadian Rock band: Rush, April Wine, Triumph, or Loverboy?
6- How come goldfish aren't gold?
7- How come silverfish aren't fish?

8- Is it legal (or healthy) to eat a breakfast bar for lunch?
9- Who were the Nephilim? No really, who were they? Nobody really knows. But they surely were important or God would not have mentioned them in Genesis.
10- What was wrong with the dude in the Looking Glass song, "Brandy"? If Brandy was such a fine girl, and would be such a good wife, then he was either gay or a total maroon. Or, maybe, he was the one that had taste and the group Looking Glass was a bunch of liars.
11- I want Sugar Smacks, Sugar Crisp, and Sugar Pops to come back.
12- Is "the Moe" a good haircut for summer?
13- Did Billy Preston have the the biggest afro in the history of the world?
14- Pipe or cigar smoke?
15- Anyone still have any Wacky Packages from the early '70s?
16- What is a sith and why do they want revenge?
17- Does gum decay after you spit it out? And if you spit out a piece of hard candy for whatever reason, is it still candy, or is it then a half-digested disc of super-hardened sugar? And what does that make you if you put it back in your mouth- a candy eater or a connoisseur of half digested foods?
18- Why are blackberries red when they're green? Why aren't they redberries until they become blackberries? And why are there no redberries when we have the black and blue varieties? Raspberries look pretty red to me, why don't we call them redberries? The only redberry I ever heard of was this Baron guy.
19- The amount of shopping a man will do with a woman while they are dating is equal to the amount of shopping that same man will do with her for the rest of his life.
20- I love the new Real Men of Genius radio commercial about the guy who starts his barbecue with gasoline. Hilarious stuff. Especially because it hits so close to home.
21- Why are there still no Berserkers?


  1. Sugar Smacks, Sugar Crisp, and Sugar Pops are all back, but they've been given politically-healthy names:

    Sugar Crisp is Golden Crisp, Sugar Pops are Corn Pops and I don't know what Sugar Smacks are but I've seen them in the stores.

    Did you really write all of these? It's a really good list!

  2. Brandy couldn't have been too smart to wait around for that guy.

  3. Thanks for the info. And thank you for your comments and the compliment. I thought it was a pretty good list. I just wrote down a bunch of thoughts I had for a day or so (though they weren't really random, the thoughts occurred in reference to something related. I just put them down randomly.)

    And I refuse to utter or write the words Golden Crisp, Corn Pops, or Honey Smacks. BRING BACK THE SUGAR!

    I love the song Brandy, but the more I think about it, Brandy and that dude just might have been a couple of losers.