Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Busch Photo Update

From the Cardinals official website. Looking east/southeast toward the Mississippi River, Busch III is beginning to border Busch Jr. The right field/first base stands are almost done and ready for actual seats to be placed. Once the left field/third base stands reach the fourth tower going north (in the middle of the bottom of the picture), then the waiting will begin for the season to end, and the destruction of Busch Jr. But I still can't figure out what they are going to do with Highway 40 to the immediate south. Surely this highway will be re-routed, right? You can't have a highway right up against the stands. The street level picture demonstrates this.

This looks weird. This is looking east with highway 40 at the right of the picture, and the "main" entrance to the park right in front of you. See what I mean, the highway looks like it is two feet from the south end of the new ballpark. What's going on here?

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