Saturday, June 18, 2005

1982 Flashback

Blue uniforms are back tonight!
It's a retro jersey game in Tampa Bay. And how Tampa Bay is going to wear a retro uniform is a little beyond my feeble intelligence, but they're going to try. Evidently they're going to wear college uniforms from Lou Piniella's (Tampa Bay manager) college days. I can't wait to see the blue uniforms and the red caps on the road. Just for this one game, let Ozzie come and start the game at short, so we can watch his backflip one more time.

Speaking of Ozzie, the Cardinals Hall of Famer has a cut on the CD "Oh Say Can You Sing?", which is a collection of major leaguers crooning. He evidently sings Sam Cooke's "Cupid". And according to the Sporting News, he's better than Nikko. Poor Nikko.

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