Wednesday, August 17, 2005

If You're Going To Try Polygamy...

don't have open heart surgery. In fact, you'd better plan not to get sick at all. Or get in any accidents.

According to Paul Harvey, this schlub in Anglesland had open heart surgery. Like any good wife would, each of his three wives wanted to visit him.

But it seems there was a little problem. None of his wives knew about the other two. So at his hospital bedside, the world's most dysfunctional family reunion was inevitable.

Evidently this man tried his best to keep them apart. Through the tubes and morphine and sedatives, this man was tap-dancing his way through a world-class lattice of deception in his desparate attempts to have the wives visit at differing times. I know it's sick, but I can't help but admire the guy's work ethic while desparately ill.

But it didn't work. They all came and "met up". My mind will not allow me to imagine the scene that went down at dude's bedside. UGLY.

Although the Bible doesn't mention it specifically, I'm quite certain that Solomon didn't have this problem come up.

And to all you kids out there- don't try this at home. And stay in school.

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