Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Red Green- The Flying Ghost

These people are not the same.

God bless my wife.

Playing the immortal Trivial Pursuit on Saturday night, my son was asked the question, "What football player was known as 'The Galloping Ghost'?" To which my son answered correctly, "Red Grange."

Before I had barely congratulated him on a job well done, his mother chimes in, "You mean that guy who has that show that comes on PBS on Saturday night?"

Granted, she is not a football fan. She knows a little baseball, thankfully.

After my son and I finished laughing, we tried to explain to her that, no, Red Grange was a running back who played for the University of Illinois and the Chicago Bears in the 1920s and basically put the NFL on the national scene. He is quite famous, actually, or so we thought.

She was, of course, thinking of Red Green, the dude with the PBS "comedy" show.

But I could see how she could get the two mixed up.

Until yesterday. The subject came up again and she referred to Mr. Grange as the "Flying Ghost". I don't know who she got him mixed up with this time.

I think I need her to go here and read up on Mr. Grange.

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