Thursday, September 01, 2005

What Did He Know, And When Did He Know It?

Remember that question from the media after 9/11? That somehow it was George Bush's fault that 9/11 happened?

I predict something similar will eventually come from the media regarding Hurricane Katrina.

It's all Bush's fault, you know.

Maybe some mother who lost a son in the storm will call Bush the world's biggest terrorist for not ensuring everyone got out of New Orleans. Even though they might have "voluntarily" stayed when they had the chance to get out. Sound familiar?

It's Bush's fault. It's always his fault.

Other things that are George Bush's fault:
- The 2004 Cardinals World Series debacle.
- The cancellation of the last Star Trek series from television this year.
- Brad and Jen's divorce.
- Desperate Housewives.
- The death of Green Acres star Eddie Albert of pneumonia at age 99.
- Adding Strawberry to Mike and Ike Assorted Fruits.
- This classic sports cast.
- Carl Lewis singing the National Anthem.
- Howard Dean's Scream Speech.

Remember the mantra, "It's Bush's Fault." 'Cause I think we'll start hearing it again soon.

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