Friday, August 12, 2005

Star Trek Phones

Following the Star Trek theme of the week over at the great Kiihnworld, I thought this was an interesting bit of news about the new Star Trek cell phone, errrr.....communicator. Although I guess it's not the first one to come out.

Personally, being a Trekkie wannabe, I'd be afraid to use this thing in public. You see, unlike a bonafide Trekkie, I don't have any desire to pretend I am the great Captain Kirk as I am using my cell phone.

However, I think it would serve a real Trekkie well if one already has a"wardrobe" that consists entirely of Star Fleet uniforms. Especially this time of year. There must be no better feeling in the world than looking like a dork while wearing dark long sleeve polyester in a 107 heat index environment.

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